Should I rent an apartment in Edmonton or home?

When it comes to renting in Edmonton, conventional apartments rule the conversation. However, many people find it tough to decide whether they should rent an apartment or house in Edmonton. Though renting an entire house may appear troublesome for some renters, the extra privacy and space often attract them. But which option is ideal for you? Should you rent an apartment in Edmonton instead of a house? Let’s find out in this guide!

Should I Rent an Apartment or House in Edmonton?

There is a long-lasting debate over house vs. apartment living. However, now more people understand the advantages of living in an apartment. To decide where to live, you should analyze the pros and cons. This is how you may find the exclusive benefits offered by apartment living.

Do you want to find out why you should move into an apartment in Edmonton instead of a house? Read the reasons discussed below.

1. Save Money

Although many Edmontonians believe that apartment rent is often higher than a mortgage payment, they don’t see the future. Apart from the mortgage, you need to bear many other costs, like property tax and insurance, when you rent a house. Also, you must pay a higher utility bill. After all, it costs more to water the yard, cool and heat a large house, and pay to maintain a house.

On the other hand, moving into an apartment only requires a minimum deposit fee. Renter’s insurance is not more expensive than homeowner’s insurance. Also, your utility bill may be reduced.

2. Ease of Maintenance

One of the prime reasons to rent an apartment is easy maintenance. When you have no worries about property maintenance, you can make a long to-do list. With homeownership, you need to fulfill lots of responsibilities, such as yard work, repairs, preventative maintenance, and the expenses of these tasks.

While living in an apartment, you don’t need to worry about repairing a leaky roof, replacing a broken dishwasher, or shovelling snow. Apartment staff have all these responsibilities. You just need to call the property manager if there is a problem.

3. Excellent Amenities

Apartment living brings great amenities. With convenience outside your doorstep and recreation, an apartment provides several benefits you cannot get in a house. Some of the amenities include playgrounds, automated smart homes, clubhouses for big parties, fitness centers, and swimming pools.

Although you can build these facilities into a house, the expense can be out of reach for most renters. Hence, living in an apartment can bring you all these facilities without increasing your bill.

4. Amazing Community

Although you can find a close community in a housing neighbourhood, apartment complexes offer better scope for it. With many opportunities to spend time together with your neighbours, apartment living builds a closer community. Joining the fitness centers or enjoying other amenities gives you more scope to get to know your neighbours.


Apartment living makes life simpler. Now that you know why you should rent an apartment in Edmonton instead of a house, contact Greenstone Park to make the right choice for your family.