How to Find Rental Apartments in Edmonton

If you are shifting to an apartment for the first time, looking for a new apartment that can meet your requirements better, or moving to Edmonton and in need of housing, getting the perfect apartment can be stressful and time-consuming. Before searching for the right price range and location that suit your lifestyle, knowing how to find rental apartments in Edmonton can help you make the apartment searching process simpler.

Why Rent an Apartment in Edmonton?

Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, was first founded in 1795 as a remote trading post. The population of Edmonton greatly increased after oil was found in 1947. Now this city is growing. Hence, there is an increased level of interest in renting apartments in Edmonton.

With incredible eateries, gorgeous parks, art galleries, vibrant bars and nightclubs, beautiful aquariums, museums, and aviaries, along with many recreational opportunities, Edmonton has lots to offer people of all ages.

To accommodate the increasing population, Edmonton apartments are constantly built. However, there is a good selection of rental apartments in downtown Edmonton for people who prefer a smooth lifestyle. With several choices, you may require help selecting the best rental apartments in Edmonton.

Tips to Find a Perfect Rental Apartment in Edmonton

While looking for a rental apartment in Edmonton, consider the tips given below:

1. Set a Budget

If you are seeking rental apartments in downtown Edmonton, a budget is always essential. Rental fees vary significantly in any city. Setting a budget and then looking at different options within your fixed budget will make sure that you can rent an affordable place.

2. Decide on Floor Space

Decide how much living space you need to live comfortably. Never pay for additional space if it is unnecessary. Paying huge rental prices for an extra and unwanted room is a waste of money. Scale down household and personal goods before moving. Sort through different items and get rid of unnecessary things. It will significantly reduce the amount of space required, which results in saving money on a smaller apartment.

3. Consider Essential Amenities

Basically, the rental price covers all available facilities. However, a few landlords or owners charge extra fees for using those amenities. Hence, you should decide precisely what is added to the lease, including amenities like an on-site fitness facility, a swimming pool, a laundry room, a tennis court, and more.

4. Ask for Recommendations

If your friends or relatives have rented an apartment before in Edmonton, ask for their recommendations on where they stay. If they are satisfied and happy, there is a possibility that you will love the community as well

5. Check Online Reviews

You can also find the perfect Edmonton apartment by reading what previous and present tenants have to say on websites or forums. With these reviews, you can better decide if those apartments in Edmonton are worth your consideration.


As long as you follow the aforesaid tips, you will know how to find rental apartments in Edmonton easily. If you are looking for the right apartment in Edmonton, contact Greenstone Park and learn about our cost-effective and renovated rental apartments in Edmonton.